How to get your credit report free of charge

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There are certain circumstances under which you can get a copy of your credit report for free.

  • You can request a copy where a credit application was declined. You must apply within 90 days of the date you were declined
  • You can request a copy if you have lodged a correction request and been advised that information on your file has been corrected
  • You can request a copy once every 12 months

If you request a free copy of your credit report because you have been declined for credit, you might be asked to supply a copy of this decline notice with your application.

To obtain a free copy of your credit file, despatched to you within ten working days, please complete the Veda Free Credit File Form.

You will need to have the following information handy:

1. Your full name

2. Your date of birth

3. Your driver's licence number

4. Two forms of identification including

  • a copy of your driver's licence, passport, birth certificate or Proof of Age card, as well as
  • a document issued by an official body which includes your name and address (i.e. rates notice, utility bill or bank statement)

5. Your current residential address

6. Your previous addresses

7. Your current employer or a previous employer

8. Name of the organisation to which you last applied for credit

9. A daytime telephone number

10. How you would like your file sent to you, via post, fax or email

Only you may request a copy of your own credit file. For security purposes, prior to receiving your credit file you will be asked to verify your identity. You can obtain more detailed information regarding the access and use of personal information on our Privacy section.

Please note that credit file applications for the purpose of obtaining a gaming or credit licence are not eligible for the free file service. Any applications for this purpose will need to be processed using the express service below.

Express Service

Should you wish to receive your credit file sooner, an express delivery service is offered for $69.95 and will be despatched to you within one business day.

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If the information in your credit file needs updating please refer to Updating information on your file

Please note, if the information you have provided does not sufficiently meet our security requirements, you may be contacted by Veda Advantage and asked to provide documentation to verify your identity. This may affect the timeframe in which you receive your file.

Send your request to Veda Public Access via:

Mail: PO Box 964 North Sydney NSW 2059

Fax: (02) 9278 7333

This free service is for personal records only.