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Could a poor credit report make it harder to buy a home?

/ credit basics credit report credit repair

A good credit report is important for everything from business funding to mortgage lending. Could a bad credit report stop you from buying your first home?

Are mobile wallets the future of Australian credit payments?

/ credit basics credit report fraud & identity

Australians have taken to contactless payment systems but not to mobile phone payment systems. What are they, and how could they affect your credit file?

The future of Australian lending

/ credit basics credit report credit score personal finance

The face of lending in Australia is changing. Could your credit file now be the most important document to help you get a better deal?

3 credit card mistakes that might be adding to your bill

/ credit basics credit repair

Is your credit card debt racking up faster than expected? You could be the victim of one of these three common card-bearer mistakes.

3 things you need to look out for with your new loan

/ credit basics credit report personal finance

The world of lending can be an intensely complicated place, which is why it's so important to know how to keep your credit file safe.

3 myths about your credit file

/ credit basics credit report

There are many mysteries surrounding what affects your credit score. Take a look at these three commonly believed myths that could catch you out.

Understanding your credit file

/ credit basics credit report

Your credit file is one of your greatest assets. Find out what is included on your credit report and some descriptions of key information.

3 budgeting pitfalls that no one avoids

/ credit basics personal finance

How is your 2016 budget going so far? Here are a few handy tips and tricks to avoid common pitfalls that nearly everyone encounters.

What goes into a personal credit report?

/ credit basics credit report

Do you know what your credit report contains? Here we outline what is included in a personal credit report.

Creating a realistic budget: Part 1

/ personal finance credit basics

Want to kick start your budgeting journey, but don't know how? Come and take a look as we break down the process into simple steps.

Creating a realistic budget: Part 2

/ personal finance credit basics

In part two of our budget-planning series, we examine how to cut costs where possible and how to execute a plan of action.

How rearranging your debt could help you manage it

/ personal finance credit basics

Want to find a way to better manage your debt repayments? Why not try to refinance your loan or even consolidate all your debts.