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Business Credit File

Business Credit File

Find out how lenders and suppliers view your business by understanding what is on your business' credit report

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Do you run your own business or are you a director of a company? If so it pays to understand what is on your business’ credit report. Understanding your credit worthiness helps when you are looking to borrow capital to expand your business or set up or change trading terms with one of your suppliers.

Features & benefits

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    Manage your business credit profile

    Understand how lenders and other suppliers view your business

    Get the the most complete picture of your business credit history with Equifax, a leading Australian credit reporting bureau. When you order your business credit report you will receive a copy of your credit file within one working day. You'll be able to see information on credit enquiries that have been made on your business when you have applied for payment terms or an application for credit has been made. It also includes any overdue debt like defaults, as well as public record information including court writs and judgements and bankruptcy details.

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    Protect your business credit reputation

    Know what is on your business credit report before you apply for supply terms or credit

    If you are looking to establish supply terms, or even apply for a loan to expand your business, a black mark on your commercial credit report could prevent you from obtaining the credit line or getting the best terms or rate. Understand what is on your commercial credit report so you can run your business with confidence.

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    Improve your business' credit position

    Understand what is on your business credit report and manage it

    Creditors are increasingly using credit checks as part of their assessment process. Whether you are negotiating trading terms with suppliers or applying for a loan to expand your business, it is likely that your business' credit history will be reviewed and monitored. With your commercial credit report you can better understand your position and make improvements to your commercial credit worthiness.

    To order your business credit report you need to be the proprietor, partner or a director of the company or the registered company secretary.

Get alerts on changes to your business credit report
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  • Protect your business from fraud

    Be notified to changes to your credit report which could potentially be identity fraud

  • Be alerted to who is looking at your business

    Know who is enquiring on your business, in real time, for 12 months

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$179.95 inc GST
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