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My Credit File, my credit reputation

My Veda Alert

Receive email alerts whenever specific changes occur on your credit file for 12 months. You also receive a copy of your credit file despatched within one working day.

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Your Credit File is one of your most important assets. Manage it.

  • Personal Credit File despatched within one working day
  • Email alerts to specific changes on your Credit File for 12 months

Understanding your Credit File

Understanding your credit file enables you to make more informed decisions regarding your finances.

Utilising the services of Veda, your file is also a tool credit providers use to help them ascertain your financial reliability.

A credit file includes information about you such as your full name, date of birth, driver's licence, gender and residential addresses and employer information. Read More

Been declined credit?

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My Business Veda Alert

Veda can help you keep track of changes to your business' credit file so you can keep up-to-date with your business's credit information and be informed of who is enquiring on your business.

The Veda Alert Service will provide you with email alerts each time specific information is changed or added to your company or business's credit file allowing you to keep track of changes to your business's credit file, including who is enquiring on your business and anything out of the ordinary.


Credit Reporting Changes

From 12 March 2014 new information can be included on your credit report as part of changes to Australia’s credit reporting system. This new system, known as comprehensive credit reporting, will mean positive information, such as if you make your credit card and loan repayments on time, can be held on your credit report. Read more

Order My Veda Alert and start enjoying the benefits of email alerts whenever specific changes occur on your credit file.

For less than $1.55 a week, you can better manage one of your most important assets.

There are certain circumstances under which you can get a copy of your credit report for free.

- You can request a copy where a credit application was declined. You must apply within 90 days of the date you were declined

- You can request a copy if you have lodged a correction request and been advised that information on your file has been corrected

- You can request a copy once every 12 months

If you request a free copy of your credit report because you have been declined for credit, you might be asked to supply a copy of this decline notice with your application. .


Important legal and compliance notice

Veda has been recently alerted to potential fraudulent activity where customers have been asked to send identity information to a specific fax number or they will be defaulted.


This is not normal Veda practice. Veda will only ever request that individuals to provide us with a copy of their identification if they have requested a product or service from us. Veda will only ever request this information in writing, expressly and never by a recorded telephone message.


The Veda Group operates a consumer credit bureau and as such holds consumer credit information. Veda does not list defaults on individuals. Default information is provided by credit providers who remain accountable for the accuracy of that information.


Individuals can (for a fee) monitor their credit file to check for any fraudulent behaviour by signing up to My Veda Alert. My Veda Alert sends you an email when specific changes are made to your credit file. This service attracts a fee of $79.95 (GST included) for a 12 month subscription.