How can I improve my credit report?

Equifax has some simple steps to help you keep your credit report healthy:

  • Pay your loans and bills on time - Consider setting up direct debits and schedule loan repayments for your pay day.
  • Keep track of your credit commitments - Do your homework before applying for credit and keep track of your credit commitments. Making a number of applications within a short space of time will be recorded on your file and is not always looked upon positively by lenders, as it may be an indicator that you're in credit stress.
  • If you move house, notify lenders - advise lenders, phone and utility providers of your new address so they can re-direct bills to your new address. If you don't pay these bills, a credit infringement or overdue debt could be listed on your credit report.
  • If you are having trouble meeting repayments - talk to your credit provider who may assist.
  • Keep track of your credit record - proactively manage your personal credit report by regularly checking your Equifax credit report and Equifax Score. You can even monitor changes through credit alerts. Please note your Equifax Score is available via our other Equifax personal credit and identity monitoring services. Find out more here. You can get also get your free Equifax credit report.
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To make sure you are accessing the right product, we need you to answer the following questions.

You can get a free copy of your personal Equifax credit report:

  • if you have been declined credit in the last 90 days; or
  • if you have had an item corrected on your Equifax credit report; or
  • once every 12 months.

If you do not meet the criteria, a once-off Equifax credit report is currently available for free.


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An individual has the right to obtain a free copy of their credit file either personally or through an access seeker in the follow circumstances:

  • Once every 12 months
  • If their credit application was declined (the free credit file request must be made within 90 days from the date the application was declined)
  • If the individual has lodged a correction request and has been advised that their Equifax credit report has been corrected

If an individual does not meet the criteria, a once-off Equifax credit report is currently available for free.

Please answer these questions below as they relate to the person whose file you are requesting.


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