Manage and protect your credit reputation with My Credit File

Manage and protect your credit reputation with My Credit File

Get your credit report and alerts to changes in your credit file from the leading provider of credit information in Australia.

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Protect yourself

from identity theft

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Be alerted

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*Alerts are a feature of the My Credit Alert product

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200 ,000+ people use My Credit File each year
to help protect and manage their
credit reputation

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As Australia’s leading and most comprehensive credit information company, we provide you with the most complete record of your credit history. Find out what lenders see and better manage your credit reputation.

Personal Products & Services

My Credit Alert

Need your credit report now? Subscribe to My Credit Alert for:

  • Your credit report in 1 business day
  • See what banks and lenders see
  • Alerts to certain changes on your credit report for 12 months
  • Guard against identity theft

My Credit File

Don't need your credit report right away? You may be eligible for a free credit report.

  • Dispatched within 10 days
  • See what banks and lenders see

Free Credit Repair

Have you found an error on your personal credit report? We will investigate it for FREE.

Business Products & Services

Business Credit File

Get insights into how lenders view your business when applying for credit.

  • Access to credit report in 1 business day
  • Know your business' credit history
  • See what your lenders and suppliers see

Business Credit Alert

Find out how lenders view your business and protect against fraud.

  • Access to credit report in 1 business day
  • Credit alerts for 12 months
  • Guard against credit fraud

Business Credit Repair

Is something not right on your business credit report? We will investigate it for FREE.

Did you know?


of Aussies expect a better deal based on their credit history

1 in 4

Australians claim to have been a victim of identity theft

20 million

credit active individuals are on the Equifax bureau


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