Equifax Credit Report (Authorised Access Seeker)

Equifax Credit Report (Authorised Access Seeker)

Help your client manage their credit history with a credit report from Equifax, a leading Australian credit bureau.

Free. Eligibility criteria apply.*

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Assist your clients with a copy of their Equifax credit report to help them manage their credit profile, help with loan rejection or correct any inaccuracies on a report.

What is an Authorised Access Seeker?

Credit reports requested by Authorised Access Seekers are free. Eligibility criteria apply.* 

You can order a credit report online, call 138 332, or mail your request to us at GPO Box 964, North Sydney, NSW 2059.

*An individual has the right to obtain a free copy of their credit file from Equifax once every three months, or if their credit application was declined, (the request for a free credit file must be made within 90 days from the date your application was declined), or if the individual has lodged a correction request and is advised that their Equifax credit report has been corrected.

If an individual does not meet the criteria, a once-off Equifax credit report is available for the cost of $6.95 (currently available for free).

Once you have requested a copy of a free Equifax credit report you will usually receive your client’s credit report within one business day, provided we are able to verify their identity and a letter of authorisation^ has been provided.

^Letter of Authorisation

To obtain a copy of your client's report, you will need to provide a letter of authority. A letter of authority is a legal document that authorises you, as a third party, to act on behalf of an individual. The letter of authority must:

  • Be dated
  • Include your client's details (ie. Full Name, Date of Birth, Current Residential Address)
  • Include the access seeker's details (Full Name of the person and organisation acting on behalf of the client)
  • A statement that confirms consent from your client for you to act on their behalf to obtain a copy of their credit report

Incomplete information may result in registration processing delays, or we may ask you to provide a new letter with the correct information.

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You can get a free copy of your personal Equifax credit report:

  • if you have been declined credit in the last 90 days; or
  • if you have had an item corrected on your Equifax credit report; or
  • once every 12 months.

If you do not meet the criteria, a once-off Equifax credit report is currently available for free.


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