I’m a My Credit Alert customer; will I still receive my credit report and alerts?

From 30 November 2018 the Equifax My Credit Alert service is no longer offered to new customers. 

If you’re an existing customer you will still receive the benefits of ongoing credit alerts via email when certain changes occur on your Equifax credit report, as well as a copy of your Equifax credit report once a year. This service is automatically renewed each year for the cost of $79.95. You can cancel at any time and receive a pro-rata refund for the number of full months remaining of your subscription as at the date of termination. The terms and conditions for the My Credit Alert services are available here.

If you’d like to upgrade to one of our monthly subscription product packages where you can access your credit report, get credit alerts and more within a secure online portal you can find out more at Equifax.com.au.

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You can get a free copy of your personal Equifax credit report:

  • if you have been declined credit in the last 90 days; or
  • if you have had an item corrected on your Equifax credit report; or
  • once every 12 months.

If you do not meet the criteria, a once-off Equifax credit report is currently available for free.


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