What information is included on my credit report?

Your Equifax credit report contains information about your history with credit. There are different sections to your credit report:

Identification information

This includes information like your name, date of birth, address history as well as your driver’s licence number and employment history.

Consumer credit information

The consumer credit information section includes:

  • Details of credit enquiries that have been made on you when you have made an application for consumer credit. Consumer credit relates to loans for household or family purposes as well as for the purchase, renovation or re-financing of a residential investment property. Obvious types of credit include credit cards and loans like mortgages, personal and car loans as well as credit contracts such as telephone, electricity, gas and internet. Other forms of credit include interest free store finance and store cards.
  • Consumer credit liability accounts – this is an account that you currently have open or may have had in the past. It includes the type of account, the open and/or close date as well as the credit limit.
  • Monthly repayment history on credit accounts such as mortgages and credit cards. This reflects whether you have paid the minimum amount required on time each month or not. Please note that not all credit providers supply repayment history information to credit reporting bodies like Equifax
  • Overdue accounts such as defaults and serious credit infringements
  • Public record information like:
    • Court judgements
    • Directorship details
    • Proprietorship details
    • Bankruptcy, debt agreement and personal insolvency

Commercial credit information

  • Details of credit enquiries that have been made on you for commercial credit. Examples of commercial credit include a mobile phone contract or credit card for business use or a business loan.
  • Details of any overdue commercial credit accounts and other debts.

File access information is also included. This outlines who has accessed your credit report. For consumer credit reporting, only credit providers, affected information recipients, access seekers and credit reporting bodies like Equifax can access your report under the requirements of the Privacy Act.

You can view a sample Equifax credit report here.

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