What is the role of a credit bureau?

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What does a credit bureau do?

A credit bureau helps to support responsible lending and can assist consumers in understanding where they stand with their credit. Operating under the Privacy Act, a credit bureau collects, holds, uses and discloses personal and credit-related information about individuals and companies.

An example of a credit bureau in action

New credit application

A credit bureau collects, holds, uses and discloses personal and credit-related information about individuals and companies.

Take the example of Sue. She applies for a personal loan with ABC Bank by completing a form online. The form has terms and conditions advising Sue that a credit check can be conducted and that the information can be passed on to a credit reporting body.

When assessing Sue's application for credit, ABC Bank takes into account information on the form, any other information they may have (like if she is an existing customer), and may also request a credit check from Equifax. This credit check could include a Equifax credit report and score. As part of this check, some information from the application is passed on to Equifax, such as Sue's name, address, employment details and the credit enquiry information. ABC Bank then makes a decision based on all the information they have about Sue's application for credit.


Sue also has a mobile phone contract with ABC Phone Company and she has missed a number of payments. Despite ABC Phone Company contacting her, she has not paid her outstanding bills. The telco decides to list a default for non-payment (this is outlined in the terms and conditions of her account), and is legal because the amount is in excess of $150. This default information is provided to Equifax. Next time Sue applies for credit and the provider chooses to conduct a credit check with Equifax, they will be able to see this default information on her Equifax credit report.

It's not just unpaid bills and defaults that go on your credit report.

Each credit reporting bureau like Equifax maintains their own set of consumer credit information based on the data from credit providers and any available public data. Your credit file and Equifax Score is based on this information, and the more information we have, the more comprehensive your credit report.

It's not just personal loans, phone contracts and defaults that can be included on a credit report. Find out more about what's included in an Equifax credit report, and get a copy of your current Equifax credit report today.

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