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Credit Blog

Credit Blog

Find out more about credit and how you can improve your financial situation to get the things you want out of life

What is a credit enquiry?

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If you make an application for credit, it can be listed on your credit report as a 'credit enquiry'. Credit enquiries are part of the information lenders may use and can have an impact on whether a lender accepts your application or not.

Is your mortgage interest rate helping you or hindering you?

Have you got a bad credit report, but you can't free up enough of your income to pay off past debts? Your home loan could be to blame.

What are the best ways to use your credit card?

How are Australians using their credit cards? Poorly, according to research from Finder, with the average credit card balance in excess of $3,000.

What is the role of a credit bureau?

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A credit bureau helps to support responsible lending and can assist consumers in understanding where they stand with their credit. Operating under the Privacy Act, a credit bureau collects, holds, uses and discloses personal and credit-related information about individuals and companies.

How can you keep up with mortgage payments and fix your credit report?

/ credit repair personal finance

Keeping your mortgage payments on track is important for your financial stability, but what can happen if you don't? How can you manage your money accordingly?

How did you get into bad debt?

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You can accrue debts without even realising. What strategies can help you to ensure you're in full control of your finances, and help you to repay old debts?

How to effectively manage all of your lines of credit

Are you finding it difficult to manage multiple lines of credit effectively? You're not alone. What can you do to keep better control of your finances?

What you need to know about credit repair

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Are you thinking about working with a credit repair company? Make sure you consider all of your options and read all relevant terms before deciding!

How to live on a low budget while repaying your debts

Living on a low or restricted budget doesn't necessarily mean not having fun or not buying coffee anymore - it means taking stock of your financial position.

Saving for your wedding with a bad credit report

/ credit report credit repair personal finance

Are you trying to save for a wedding but finding it tough due to bad debts hanging over your head? It'll pay to sort your finances before you set a date for the big day.

How to save for your children's education

/ credit report personal finance

Thinking about starting a family? You'll want a solid savings account so you can allow your children to flourish in their education.

Choosing a credit card deal that works for you

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Thinking about applying for a credit card? It'll pay to choose the right deal for your needs and financial situation, not just the first one you come across.


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