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How to keep your credit file healthy while moving home

/ credit basics credit report

When moving home, an integral step is to make sure you are looking after your credit report. Follow this quick guide to remove potential problems down the line.

3 myths about your credit report

/ credit basics credit report

There are many mysteries surrounding what affects your credit score. Take a look at these three commonly believed myths that could catch you out.

Understanding your Equifax credit report

/ credit basics credit report

Your credit report is one of your greatest assets. Find out what is included on your Equifax credit report and some descriptions of key information.

What goes into a personal credit report?

/ credit basics credit report

Do you know what your credit report contains? Here we outline what is included in a personal credit report.

What will you find on your credit file?

/ credit basics credit report credit score

Not sure how to improve your credit score? Why not get a copy of your credit report.

What to do if you have been declined credit

/ credit basics credit report credit score credit repair personal finance

If you have been declined credit it can be a frustrating experience. Here are three simple steps you can take to find out why and to make improvements to apply in the future.

Making your repayments on time

/ credit basics credit report credit score personal finance

While the idea of putting through payments each month might not seem like such a big deal, credit can become a burden should you begin to fall behind.

Understanding car finance for buying a new car

/ personal finance credit report

Not everyone will have the cash available to pay for a new vehicle straight away. But how can car finance impact your credit history? Here we take a closer look.

What you should know before applying for a home loan

/ personal finance credit report

Taking out a home loan is common practice for many Australians, but there is a lot that goes into getting the nod from a credit provider.

Are you credit invisible?

/ credit report

If you've never applied for credit before, there's a good chance you may be credit invisible. Here we look at what you should know about it. 

What is a credit bureau?

/ credit basics credit report credit score

If you are thinking about applying for credit it's important to understand what is on your credit report. It is what lenders can look at as part of the credit assessment process.

How can I manage my business credit profile?

/ credit basics credit report business

Credit can be a useful tool in handling expenses and supporting cash flow, but it is important businesses exercise caution to properly manage it.


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